Our cloud-based thermal analysis software now counts with CAD importing. This new feature allows users to import satellite designs from other CAD software to Radian, drastically accelerating design within the thermal analysis activities.

Geometry files can now be uploaded into Radian’s platform from different sources. This implies remarkable time savings for engineers, who are now able to use the same model that they already have for the mission as an input for the thermal model.

Radian CAD importer capabilities

Files are uploaded in a STEP format. The first step is to filter the different parts, establishing rules to exclude parts that are smaller than a certain size. Secondly, the geometric complexity of the model is simplified, using deduction, curve cleaning and thickness optimization. Once this is done, the thermal model is created. The user can then edit this thermal model as if it had been built up manually, and assign materials, contacts and other properties needed.

With this awaited feature, Radian enables a much quicker thermal analysis design for our users, continuing advancing towards our goal of simplifying space engineering.