In the third edition of the Spanish Small Satellites International Forum, we presented our latest highlights and achievements for our thermal analysis software.

The third edition of the SSSIF took place from 23 to 25 February 2022 in Málaga (Spain). The congress brought together during these three days all the agents of the sector: designers, technicians, scientists, suppliers, developers and launchers, with a total of 240 participants from more than 100 companies and institutions from 18 countries.

Radian’s CEO David Criado took the stage during the “Emerging Technologies and Innovation” session, highlighting the growing importance of thermal analysis as a consequence of the increasing mass and power of small satellites. In addition, it was shown how the telemetry of the last satellites launched into space with Radian technology confirms the analysis performed with our software, and the different platforms and use cases of Radian, as well as our next steps in the technology roadmap, and collaboration with the European Space Agency.