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A thermal tool for space, completely geared up

Radian enables to perform end-to-end thermal simulations. Import and convert CAD files. Build complete thermal models with geometries, contacts and dissipations. Gather and reuse materials, orbits or attitude models in a dedicated database. Define orbital and enclosure scenarios. Run thermal solutions in the cloud without worrying about computing availability.

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Enabling thermally-safe missions

Space-proof technology

Since 2019, we count with more than 30 successful missions in space. All of them have reported back telemetry data that correlates with the analysis produced by Radian.

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satellites in space with our thermal analysis.


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Create complex scenarios with varying attitude configurations around different astros. Postprocess thermal results in 3D viewers, interactive plots or range charts.

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Radian is used daily by a diverse customer base, on a wide range of applications. We meet the needs of the satellite developers, part suppliers and academic institutions.

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