Our solution.

Run thermal analysis from the cloud at light-speed. Evolve ideas to temperature ranges in minutes. Access your data from anywhere.

We have you covered.

Get iterative support from your early concepts to testing and operation activities, following ECSS standards.

Phase A

  • Thermal requirements
  • TCS concept definition
  • Trade-off studies

Phase B

  • Thermal models development
  • Worst hot/cold cases
  • Preliminary thermal design of TCS

Phase C

  • Final design of TCS
  • Detailed thermal models
  • Mission cases coverage

Phase D

  • Thermal models for test configuration
  • Test predictions and correlation
  • Support of production activities

Phase E

  • Mission predictions and correlation
  • Support of operation activities

Our case studies.

We are entrusted by cutting-edge missions with challenging thermal requirements.


Developing the world's first opensource IoT network at an affordable cost.


Testing LED-based optical communications from Low-Earth orbit.


Studying eukaryotic cells in space to shed light on how human cells will behave.


Bringing nitrogen-fixing bacteria to orbit to study sterile regoliths fertilization.

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