Thermal Consulting

We deliver turnkey thermal analysis solutions.

We will support you with:

  • Detailed geometrical and thermal models
  • Reduced-order models
  • Verification, validation and integration
  • Orbital calculations and heatfluxes
Radiator sizing Heater lines Heat pipes Multi-Layer Insulators (MLI) Second Surface Mirrors (SSM) Thermo-Electrical Coolers (TEC) Louvers Coatings Thermal fillers Contact sizing

All in one

A complete solution

Kick-start your thermal analyses with an experienced team. Use our tool from then.

  • We build the thermal models and scenarios
  • You take over with a yearly license
  • Customize and update your projects as you please

Support from start to finish

Get iterative support from your early concepts to testing and operation activities, following ECSS standards.

Phase A

Concept design

  • Thermal requirements
  • TCS concept definition
  • Trade-off studies
Phase B

Preliminary design

  • Thermal models development
  • Worst hot/cold cases
  • Preliminary thermal design of TCS
Phase C

Detailed design

  • Final design of TCS
  • Detailed thermal models
  • Mission cases coverage
Phase D


  • Thermal models for test configuration
  • Test predictions and correlation
  • Support of production activities
Phase E


  • Mission predictions and correlation
  • Support of operation activities

Other solutions

Using the most modern technologies, we are able to reach even further to provide you with a hollistic support.

Complex mechanisms Moving scan Deploying assemblies Pointing antennas Solar arrays Thermal testing Thermal vacuum tests Thermal balance tests On-ground calibration Scientific instruments Microwave radiometers Infrared sounders LIDAR Optical imagers Electronic units Thermoelastic analysis Thermal maps for reflectors Coupler launcher analysis Convective heatfluxes

Let us help you

We will work out a solution for your specific needs.

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