Thermal analysis in the cloud

Simulate the thermal analysis of your satellite from a web browser, taking advantage of a friendly, straight-forward user interface, the unfathomable power of cloud computing, and an evergrowing catalog of parts and other entities.

Easy onboarding

Thermal analysis for space,
made simple

We rebuilt the analysis workflow from scratch, guiding you through its processes, and shrinking drastically your time-to-result.

  • Organize your work into separate projects.
  • Profit from unlimited storage for all your data.
  • Navigate with ease across a user-friendly interface.
Thermal analysis for space,<br>made simple

Directly to your web browser

Unleash the power of cloud computing

We take care of computing power so you don't have to.

  • Save money in hardware and maintenance fees.
  • Access Radian using your web browser, from any device.
  • Benefit from continuous software updates.
Unleash the power of cloud computing

Fast modelling

Build thermal models at high speed

Build models faster with ready-to-use parts, materials, and surface treatments.

  • Assemble ready-to-use parts into thermal models.
  • Make use of predefined materials and surfaces.
  • Build your own parts once, reuse infinite times.
Build thermal models at high speed

More technical specs

Contact detection -

Monte Carlo Ray Tracing -

Lumped-parameter network -

Linear penumbra modelling -

Multibody eclipse detection -

NASA-grade ephemerides model -

Gray-body planetary properties -

Solar-System-wide environment -

Self-shadowing effects -

Periodic thermal solutions -

Heater modelling -

Thermal balance -

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