Technical specs

Get a detailed overview of all the features offered by Radian and the models that support its thermal simulations.

Thermal modelling

  • 3D editor
  • STEP file importing
  • Part importing
  • Ready-made geometries
  • Edge contact detection
  • Area contact detection
  • Custom conductors
  • Static loads
  • Heater loads

Orbital scenarios

  • 3D editor
  • Heat load scheduling
  • Attitude scheduling
  • Classical orbital elements
  • SSO definition with LTAN
  • Real-time epoch in UTCG
  • Real-time ITRS Earth orientation


  • 3D model viewers
  • 3D mission viewers
  • Range charts
  • XY plots
  • Summary tables
  • CSV files

Thermal results

  • Temperatures
  • Part temperature ranges
  • Heat balances
  • Dissipation heatfluxes
  • Heater duty cycles
  • Solar, infrared and albedo heatfluxes
  • Orbital coordinates
  • Orientation quaternions
  • Solar and infrared irradiances
  • Conductive couplings, GL
  • Radiative couplings, GR
  • Viewfactors
  • Mass and capacitance budget
  • Bill of materials and surfaces


  • Isotropic materials
  • Farfield shape factors
  • Area detection by raytracing
  • Non-geometrical points


  • Gray-body diffuse materials
  • Monte Carlo raytracing
  • Classical formulation
  • Finite area to finite area
  • Up to 100k rays
  • Configurable seed

Thermal solver

  • Newton-Raphson jacobian iteration
  • Super explicit transient integration
  • Periodic iterator of transient solutions
  • Heater models with 1 or 2 setpoints and multiple node feeders

Orbital ephemerides

  • JPL DE432S ephemerides planetary model covering Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
  • JPL default planetary satellites models
  • SPK Type21 reader for asteroids and comets

Orbital environment

  • BCRS coordinates
  • Kepler iterator of orbital positions
  • Linear model of penumbra regions
  • Eclipse detection of multiple bodies
  • Solar collimated raytracing
  • Planetary sphere raytracing
  • Gray-body planetary properties
  • Analytical spherical bond albedo factor

Attitude configuration

  • Fixed pointing
  • Pointing with rotation
  • Telescope pointing
  • Quaternion file importing
  • Spherical interpolation of quaternion files
  • LVLH over ICRF centered in main astro

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