Data Security

Learn how Radian secures your models, simulations and results.

Encrypted communications

We use TLS (successor of SSL) to protect communications between our users and the server, preventing spoofing of the data being transferred. We use HSTS to enforce users interact with Radian only over TLS.

Secured passwords

Passwords are stored in the database via salting and hashing. Salting implies inputting random data into your plain-text password, and hashing means irreversibly encrypting the result, thus generating a unique encrypted entry.

Protected data files

Every data file is encrypted at rest and in transit by default. We use security credentials for every file request, securing the petition and retrieval of data files.

Reliable servers

Our cloud provider facilities are certified in ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and AICPA SOC 3, ensuring high levels of reliability, privacy and security.

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