Build faster, analyze better

Simulate the thermal analysis of your satellite from a web browser, taking advantage of an evergrowing catalog of space components and a simple branching workflow.

Simple workflow

Navigate through analysis cases with ease

Our workflow allows you to save time getting thermal data and accessing your stack of models and scenarios.

  • Organize your missions into separate projects.
  • Profit from unlimited storage for all your data.
  • Make use of a user-friendly interface.
Navigate through analysis cases with ease

Simple branching

Compare unlimited design variations

Benefit from the power of cloud computing to run multiple analysis at once.

  • Explore new ideas in parallel models and scenarios.
  • Easily replace parts, orbits, attitude models and other parameters.
  • Quickly download insightful reports with intermediate thermal data.
Compare unlimited design variations

Fast modelling

Assemble thermal models at high speed

Mimic integration in computer-aided design assembling ready-to-use components.

  • Assemble ready-to-use parts into thermal models.
  • Start drafting quickly with predefined materials and surfaces.
  • Build your own parts once, reuse infinite times.
Assemble thermal models at high speed

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