Radian Systems participates in the third edition of the Space Engineering Congress, showcasing technological capabilities and case studies.

The third edition of the Space Engineering Congress took place from 27th to 29th October 2020, organized by the Space Committee of the Spanish Institute of Engineering and the Spanish Association of Aeronautical Engineers (COIAE).

During these three days, the congress gathered more than 100 experts from the space field to share the vision of the sector and review the state of the art. This edition, in an online format, had different presentations and round tables, in which the main leaders of the sector in Spain participated, as well as other companies, start-ups, public institutions, universities and organizations, addressing different current issues in the space sector.

Radian Systems intervened in session 05 B, with the title “New Space II”, raising the need for thermal analysis in nanosatellites and presenting the software we develop and offer, as well as the latest updates and features.