We are very happy to announce that Radian Systems is counting on UARX Space after agreeing for a Technology Partnership for Technical Cooperation to upscale Radian Alpha to a public beta version.

With the aim of offering the best thermal analysis software to our customers, Radian Alpha is undergoing an extensive test campaign. UARX Space will add value to Radian Alpha making use of their cumulative expertise and high degree of knowledge on both thermal and mission analysis.

UARX Space is the leading developer for transportation services beyond Low Earth Orbit. UARX Space offers efficient engineering services through all the mission phases, provided by professionals of the traditional space and small satellites industry. In addition, UARX is developing a vehicle capable of providing cargo services further from LEO, to the Moon and beyond.

Once these activities conclude, Radian Beta is expected to be widely available for commercialization, in yet another step towards easing and widening access to thermal analysis in space.