We have agreed with Hyperspace a mutual long-term collaboration based on the development of the Teidesat mission. Radian will support TeideSat on the thermal subsystem, from the trade-off studies to the final design and correlations.

TeideSat is a CubeSat project carried out by a group of students from the Universidad de La Laguna, Spain, studying different disciplines like astrophysics, physics, computer science and mechanical and electronic engineering. The team aims to participate in the European Space Agency (ESA) “Fly Your Satellite!” program, that will allow their CubeSat to be launched to space.

ESA’s Fly Your Satellite! (FYS) programme is a hands-on programme conducted by the ESA Education Office in close collaboration with European Universities, with the objective to complement academic education and inspire, engage, and better prepare university students for a more effective introduction to their future professions in the space sector.

TeideSat mission is to test optical communications without the need of lasers between Earth and space.